Over Fifty

My goodness, I am over now officially one day over fifty! On my birthday I started filming at Fort McCoy army base in Wisconsin. This is an amazing experience. Pray for Christian and his wife Patricia as they lovingly bring this alive! Love and Prayers. Thanks for your wonderful wishes for my birthday.

2 thoughts on “Over Fifty

  1. Happy 50th B-day!
    May God always guide your life.
    Thanks for being our friend, brother, our wedding priest, our confessor, our spiritual guidance, and our daughter’s God Father.
    We love you

    • Thank you Beloved Lourdes and Patrick!
      I miss you all. It is beautiful here…but cold.
      Hi Ana! My beloved God daughter!
      Hi Mary Jolene! Precious Soft Voice!
      Hi Joseph! Great One on the Play Ground!
      Uncle Ron

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