Tear in my Family

Here I am in Northern New Hampshire on a cold night…

I drove down to Arlington Massachusetts today and met with my Aunt Margaret (94) and Uncle Louis (89). She is my father’s last remaining sibling. We shared a meal and Eucharist.

As much as they needed Eucharist in their house and the Anointing, it turns out I need it desperately this night. I have nothing else. Jesus is calling me into a very dark night…and I am a little afraid…but it is a little like what happened after the Potato factory….

She cried a tear after Communion. I had never really known her before today. She is legally blind.

I got an idea for another book today. TEAR IN MY FAMILY.

After I left my Aunt Margaret, I wondered in the cemetary searching for my grandparents’ graves for over an hour and an half. Then I gave up in the darkness. I was at their funerals many years ago…but I couldn’t remember. Then as I was driving away from the first town I lived in…it dawned on me….”Why do I look for the living among the dead? They are not here, they have been raised in love to God, The Beloved.” Soul Rising….soul rising….soul rising.

Love, Ron

Thanks for following this blog. Breathe in... Breathe out... Peace!

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