About in New Hamshire

Beloved, I am here in New Hampshire, still. I will begin the long drive home to Florida on Thursday, October 22. Although we had snow yesterday, the colors are still aflame. The animals I have encountered are not the kind you want for pets. But I sure love them.
Bears and otters and chipmunks. Foxes, skunks and deer. Today, I even saw a moose with horns and majesty.

The Loons on the lake have all just about migrated. I saw the last one yesterday as I kayaked with my cousin, Jimmy. The loon must have thought we were crazy to be on Lake Winnepesaukee in a little kayak when the temperature dipped below freezing, the snow flurries danced, and the wind ripped through my layers of cloth armor.

What I saw, what I felt, and what I experienced was beyond a photograph or even a painting. It was raw and glorious and lonely and absolutely something like heaven. I rejoiced in my achy arms as we stealthily made our way to the lonely island called Blueberry Island. Most of the motor boats have been taken out and winterized as the lake prepares to freeze and many living creatures hibernate.

I was grateful for the beard I had begun to grow for it protected my tender Floridian face from the sharp and bitter wind. When I lived in this area during summers and weekends, I never truly appreciated her glorious and yes, stunning and moving emblazoned autumn. But now, my senses cannot begin to fathom the depths of the love God must have poured into the wild.

In New Hampshire, I am lost in love. I have hiked the mountains surrounding Sqam Lake. I have driven over covered bridges and sat hours on the dock in prayer. I long to be a steward of being wasted by the torment of my creative Beloved. When I had the opportunity today to take a tram up to Mount Cannon, the snow and ice and evergreens blasted with snow were like extra whipped cream on my journey.

My last week here in New Hampshire has me at a retreat and conference called the International Conference of War Veteran Ministers. I see in my confreres something even more beautiful then what I describe in my journeys in New England. Maybe this is how many of you pet owners also see something special, something heavenly, and something spectacular in your animals you love.

Love, joy, peace,
Father Ron Moses +

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