EWTN @ 11 pm tonight VETERAN’S DAY

Tonight, exactly 5 years ago, I experienced the TEAR in the desert. EWTN will broadcast the TEAR IN THE DESERT (TV Special) directed/produced by Christian Pescken. My Dad called me while I was at the Book Signing to tell me that it was advertised to be on.

This is a miracle. Thank God for our men and women who have served and sacrificed for our freedoms.

Love, joy, peace,
Father Ron +

4 thoughts on “EWTN @ 11 pm tonight VETERAN’S DAY

  1. Dear Father Ron,

    I was blessed by Tear in The Desert. I have two children in military service. My son Brad just returned from a FOB in Afghanistan and my daughter Geri Lynn is currently at Bagram working as an Air Force nurse. Both of my kids hae been there more than once and my son was also in Iraq.

    I thank God each day that they have been kept safe. I am especially thankful for men of God like you who answer the call to minister to those we love so dearly and miss so much. You are greatly appreciated by our troops and their families.

    You are so right Father, God is good – Always!

    God Bless You,
    Jeanine Heard

    • God Bless you Jeanine!
      I am now in the retired-reserves, but now I mostly minister to the “other” heroes and heroines: the family members expecially, mothers like you. Thank YOU for your service. Brad and Geri Lynn are in my prayers.
      Love, joy, peace,
      Father Ron

  2. Hi, Father Ron,

    I caught the EWTN broadcast on “Tear in the Desert” last night and was nearly moved to tears. God Bless you Padre for your service. Do you still have a parish in the Jacksonville Area? My wife and spend time not far from there and would like to attend Mass and meet you some Sunday, if possible.

    Again, thank you for looking after the troops so well, I can’t imagine the heartache you and all the Chaplains must endure to perform their duties.

    God Bless,

    Neal J. Lang
    Boca Raton, FL

    • Hi Neal!

      God is Good! At this time, I am not attached to any parish. I hope to be in the near future if God is willing. It was amazing to me how the show appeared for the first time on EWTN on 11-11 at 11 pm which was the exact time and date I encounted Edward 5 years ago. My website http://www.tearinthedesert.com should provide updates.
      Thanks for supporting our troops with love.
      I went to seminary at St. Vincent de Paul on Military Trail.
      Father Ron

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