Maggie and Val

Good Morning Atlantic Beach

Good Morning World!
This morning I either woke up before sunrise, or something beyond me woke me up and invited me to something special.
I have really enjoyed writing this weekly article for Catholic Stewards of Creation. Susi Pittman has opened me up to something really special by inviting me again into her life and world. Her first book, Animals in Heaven? Catholics Want to Know is now officially launched. I sure hope she has another coming.

This web site would like to address bringing the faithful to a “rally site” where they can move forward and be inspired to greater actions of creation stewardship.

On page 120, Susi writes: W must take back the dibgnity given to our humanity as stewards and respond to the original ministry given us in the Garden of Eden: to care for this world with the same providential care God intended! We must support and strengthen a culture of reverence for all life that God has created—human, animal, vegetable, or mineral!

Wow! This morning; this glorious morning: God asked me to be a good steward of my senses and take in the morning. I live only three blocks from the beach and I so often miss great opportunities to experience human, animal, vegetable and minerals at their best. I happen to have finally given in and bought a camera. I tried it out. Because I hesitated getting out of my warm and captivating bed, I had to run without stretching to beat the sunrise.

The first pictures I took are just a microscopic piece of the creative and glorious morning. And then as I walked down the beach, I met Maggie, a gorgeous 10 year old sheep dog. She has arthritis and has her Beloved Owner, Val, thinking about the question: Animals in Heaven? Val wants to know!

The night before, I fell asleep reading Susi’s 27th Chapter: Greg and Mary: The Final Chapter. Susi described beautifully how Greg and Mary died. I wrote about Greg in one of my first articles and I recalled how after the funeral, I sat on the dock and was surprised by the life-giving animals shouting about something more than I could possibly comprehend or take in.

As a child I had a few turtles, frogs, lizards and fireflies. I loved to go to the beach and believe that the ocean was my pool, especially when the dolphins swam a few yards from me. As an adult, I have never owned a pet. However, other people’s pets seem to get under my skin. And since being invited and honored to write this article, I am becoming more aware how even this peripheral encounter with animals is a great opportunity to be a steward of God’s Creation.

And so as I tried to take Maggie’s picture, she insisted on shaking my hand first. And although she doesn’t have a soul, she has great soul in her eyes and spirit. Val takes great care of Maggie and he truly loves her. I guess what I am trying to say is that I truly hope to see Greg, Mary, Maggie, You and other people’s pets in Heaven.

Have a blessed week.
Love, joy, peace,
Father Ron Moses +

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