Walking Little Miss Daisy


About 14 years ago, I presided at the wedding of my little sister PJ to Tom. PJ is a kindergarten teacher and Tom is a firefighter. They now have Michael (13) and Rachael (11) whom I baptized. They are great kids.

Rachael (11) loves animals. She started her own business in the summer. She designed her own flyers and distributed them throughout the neighborhood.

Rachael’s Pet Walking

I will walk your pet if you are stuck at home, busy, or can’t find the leash.
Call: 777-1234
$1.00 per lap around the neighborhood.


Your dogs will be happier than ever!

PJ told me that a strange car was driving up and down the street this past fall. My sister called to her and asked if she could help.
The lady said: “Do you know where that little girl is that walks dogs?”

My sister said that it was her daughter. The woman had lost the paper and needed to find her to help walk her dog. My sister got Rachael, who to her surprise already knew the location, the name of the woman’s dog and the breed.

We have been going to the humane society to walk the animals. She doesn’t have her own doggy. She fell in love with a beagle named Millie, but she had heart worms and was unavailable for adopting.

Two days after Christmas, I spoke for two hours on the phone about my niece’s love for animals. Here is some of what I got from my sister. Some are letters and some are of a mother with a very persistent and dedicated animal lover.

At first Rachael wanted a skunk really bad. She enlisted her brother to help her. Here is a note she wrote to her brother:

“Dear Michael,
I really want a pet skunk. Will you please tell Mom once in awhile that I have been very responsible lately, cause if you do, that will and can make a little piece of my biggest dream come true. Well if you do…
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
Rachael Maccio”

A couple of months ago, a cousin advised Rachael that if she really wanted a pet, she better stick to asking for a dog rather than a skunk because the skunk might not be getting her anywhere with her parents.
Rachael said, “I don’t care what kind of dog it is as long as she loves me.”

“Dear Santa,

All I would like is a puppy for Christmas. I’ve wanted one since I was 5 and now I am eleven. So I have wanted one for six years. So all I would like for Christmas is a 2 month old Beagle puppy.

Thank you very much for listening to what I had to say.
A very lonely girl,
Rachael Maccio”

PJ said she was home early and she was watching TV on a rare occasion. Dr. Phil was talking about bullying and friends. The next day driving to school at 6:30 in the morning, Rachael was in the back seat.

Yes Rachael.
“Do you remember how Dr. Phil said girls can be emotionally lonely?”
I said yes.
“She said I think a pet will fill that void for me. “
My sister, PJ said, “Don’t you start to think you will Dr. Phil me!”

Dear Mom (Oct 2008)

Can we make a bet? I will be responsible for three weeks. And do everything I’m suppose to do. And act like I have a pet skunk so I know how to do the real thing.

And in three weeks I can buy the real thing with my own money.

Love Rachael

Yes No (Please check one)
R.E. M.

Rachael has three different funds:
(She has saved up over $300 from walking dogs)

1.) One for land. (So she can have a place for all the animals from the humane society so pets can’t be killed and for all animals who are not being taken care of. Kind of like a farm.

2.) One for her pet.: (To take care of her pet)

3.) One for her animals on her land.

PJ says her daughter writes hundreds of letters (Just a few more samples):

If puppy eats my very last sneaker and it is a PE day, I will duct tape my sneaker to my foot.

Dear Mom,
Will you please bring me to Mr. Pet Man today again. And $400 with you and really, really, really think about Buddy the Skunk and I?

Your extremely sad and lonely, very lonely daughter, Rachael

(Left on bed conveniently)

Dear God,
Please, will you help me get a pet skunk? Because I terribly wanted one for about 2 years. And terribly tried desperately to get a skunk. And I know I found my beloved skunk. I have also really, really, tried to obey my parents, respect the Church and you, but most of all be RESPNSIBLE.

Rachael to God

Dear Mom,

I will pay for the skunk. Feed it. Clean it. Give it lots and lots of love and care. Clean its cage. Teach it how to be potty trained and even how to sleep with me. I will also give it walks up and down the street and pay for the food and vet bills.

Write your response on the back.

Oct 2009
Dear God,
I have been responsible and listen to my parents. I say my prayers. Can I please have a dog or pet. I will take good care of it.


On December 19th the family was going to Orlando from Ormond Beach to drop off Rachael’s best friend who was visiting. The family had checked out a woman who had beagle puppies, but they only had a second hold on one of them which means it wasn’t looking good. Rachael was constantly asking her mother to,
“Please call the lady about the puppy who they had a second hold on.”
Then the lady of the beagle called my sister and asked, “Do you want the good news or the bad news?” The bad news was the first person is taking the puppy. The good news is that it was Santa Claus who had the first hold and he reserved the puppy for the Maccio Children. Santa was wondering if you could take the puppy a few days before Christmas?”
Rachael started crying and wiping her eyes. Michael was saying, are you kidding? Are you kidding?

Instead of the Ice Show, the family changed direction and all drove directly two hours to pick up Daisy. Dad suggested the name “Daisy.” Everyone said “Yes!” Michael loved the idea because that is the brand of his BB gun. Rachael could care less. She was getting a puppy from Santa!

They went to the store to get a toy, a leash, a book on beagles, a treat and dog food. Thank God Rachael had been preparing for a puppy or a skunk for the last 5 years. She had everything else.

But the most important gift that Rachael gave this Christmas was a whole lot of determination, persistence and an abundant love for a puppy named Daisy who might be in for a run for her life. (Or should I say a Walk for her Life!)

Rachael has taken a break from writing letters and stories about animals for a couple of weeks. I think she is busy being responsible about picking up poop and pee with a huge smile and a whole lot of gratitude and joy!

A blessed New Year to all of you
Uncle Ronnie
(I love being the “uncle” who can visit the nieces, nephews and puppies…and go home alone!)

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