Great News!
TEAR IN THE DESERT won the Silver Award from the Military Writers Society of America!
I am hoping to go to the conference in Pittsburg at the end of the month. Publishing a book is hard work.
It seems easy….and then so much to promote…especially as a self publisher.

Arriving at Faith and Sharing 2010

If you have read the book, I would be very open to your feedback. Maybe we can even publish some of your thoughts.

The movie is fully funded and information is on the website. Please keep Christian Peschken and Rafal in your prayers. These directors are not influenced by anyone but for the Glory of God.

If you click on the link to AMG films, you can find a teaser trailer for the movie. The screen play is written and the casting is underway.
I am writing another book called TEAR IN MY SOUL. This will take time, but I have a few chapters already written. I am hoping to write about the time just before and just after death.


Last week I was on Faith & Sharing with Sister Maureen, Reve Gene, Cathy G, Bill and myself animating. It was truly the best retreat I have ever been on. God was so good to us. I have included some pictures.

Have a wonderful day,
Love, joy, peace,
Father Ron

We are all in the palm of God's hand

Faith and Sharing

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  1. Father Ron, Congrats on your award,you truly deserve it. Your trailer and photos did not come through. I will look on your sight and see if they are there. I am so excited about your new book. I can’t wait to read it. Peace and Love, Jackie

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