W. Keith Moore’s Commentary

whose tear falls in the desert?
when i first read the book, Tear in the Desert,
i was so moved i wrote 10 songs in about as many days
the candid heart of Fr. Camarda is a breath of fresh air.
his passion for bringing Jesus, his Beloved, to the troops
grows with the turn of each page.
his reluctance to initially go to Iraq slowly burned away.
the young men you meet in the story change you,
Edward, especially.
i enjoy writing these reflections everyday, poems, songs,

Also: On October 23rd from 9 to 10 I will be on VETERANS RADIO.
whatever they are,
today’s reflection is a commercial of sorts.
i am not getting paid to say any of this,
but if you have a reader on your Christmas list,
go to Amazon.com
buy it, read it, then wrap it
with all the stuff going on in our world today,
the timing of this book is perfect.


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