A recent new friend from the Military Writer’s Society of America recently posted this review on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I am full of gratitude. Happy Veteran’s Day.

I want this Padre in my foxhole., November 6, 2010
By R. Ballister “author, God Does Have A Sense o… (Annapolis, MD) –

This review is from: Tear in the Desert (Hardcover)
Father Ron Moses Camarda’s book Tear in the Desert is an outstanding and
spiritually uplifting memoir about one Catholic chaplain’s tour of duty during
the Iraq war. Father Ron takes great pains in his book to describe not only the
humanity of those ministered to and those around him but his own humanity
as well. He discusses his doubts, his fears, and his failings as an angel of peace
sent to a theater of war. Filled with his personal recollections, Scripture
passages, and his own poetry, some of it written in theback of a Humvee
as he transit another dangerous route, the book immerses the reader in
Father Ron’s experience.

Father Ron ministered to over eighty “angels,” or fallen warriors, during his tour.
He also ministered to countless wounded, scared, and emotionally scarred.
Through it all he leaned on his faith, his humor, and his God to keep him going
so he could keep the troops going.

The book is filled with opposites. Terror and peace in the same moment.
Hardened Marines sobbing. A priest with thoughts of anger and hopelessness.
These are not things one might expect to read in a spiritual book. But these
very elements made the book so real that it was impossible to put down.

Anyone who has served in a line unit and has fond memories of their
chaplain will enjoy this book, as will just about any veteran or military
chaplain. As a military member if I ever have to go back to someplace
not so safe, I would be privileged to call Father Ron my “Padre”.

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