God is of many Colors!

God is of Many Colors!




   As I take in the sights, smells, touch, sound and beauty of spring I am alive in God’s love. God becomes the beloved for me. This beautiful fasciae flower was all around the Irish countryside. I even learned to drink her nectar. She seems to be singing and basking in life. There is so much we can learn about living from flowers. Be radiant! Be beautiful! Be exciting! Be amazing! Be colorful!




   I don’t always see at first the details of the flower until I snap a close-up of the beauties in my backyard. Then I see the glorious little intricacies of love in the picture. This is a “ground orchid” and she defies all assumptions. She loves the sun and is my most faithful flower in my garden. She blooms longer and more brilliantly than all the others. I love to sing to her. I gave one of these flowering plants to my spiritual director. I told Mary that her name is “Sofia” which means “Wisdom”. 




   In my homily this week, I asked the people which they most resemble. When faced with the boiling water of suffering, are you a carrot, an egg, or a coffee bean?  I have been all three, but I want to be a coffee bean.


   A carrot is hard and set in its way before it goes into the boiling water of suffering. But after it goes into the water, it becomes mush! This is when we know we are “right” or become very “religious”, but when the suffering comes, we become all stressed out and unable to accept our crosses. This only leads to mush.Image


   An egg is real fragile by itself. However, what happens if the egg is placed in the boiling water of suffering? Yep! In less than five minutes it becomes hardened. We call them “hard boiled eggs”! These are the people who have encountered horrible abuse or emotional torment and then become unforgiving and bitter. They are victims and fail to let go of the hurt. They are the ‘pleasers’ and ‘vulnerable’ of society. Our Blessed Mother Mary was vulnerable as an unwed teenage mother, but when she was thrown into the boiling water, she didn’t get a hardened heart. On the contrary, she allowed the sword to pierce her heart. She allowed her heart to transform the world. She was more like a coffee bean!


   An insignificant coffee bean when placed in a big pot of boiling water does what? It doesn’t seem to change as it ‘transforms’ the whole pot of water. It is like Jesus who bleeds and transforms the world by the blood from the pulpit of his cross. Just think of our flowers that are absolutely gorgeous in spring. They don’t look like they suffer much as the heat gradually rises by the days. They keep giving off nectar, aroma and beauty without cost to others. They transform the environment and even the mood of bees and me! But eventually the flower is spent and seems to wilt or disappear from sight.Image


   Jesus is like the coffee bean. He bleeds out his life like the picture of the Divine Mercy. Then he surprises us after we believe he has wilted and died. He enters our room and simply says, “Peace be with you!” His flower is eternal. “Come and drink!” he cries. And after we drink in the nectar, fragrance, texture and beauty of Jesus. Go and do the same! Be awesome! Be beautiful! Be eternal flowers of love!


Love, joy, peace,

Father Ron Moses +


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