We Remember, We Celebrate

We Remember, We Celebrate




Here it is another Memorial Day Weekend. When you read this, the day will have passed.  And yet it is still here with us. This past weekend, I remembered an old song that we sang often at church. It was referring to the death of Jesus, but I think we could relate it to those who died defending our country against enemies foreign or domestic.


We remember how you loved us, through your death,

And still we celebrate for you are with us here.

And we believe that we will see you

In your glory, beloved

We remember

We celebrate

We believe!


And so we remember those who gave their lives serving our great country that sometimes is misguided and forgetful of our core values. It is love that will continue to bind us. They loved us by gifting us with their deaths. Their families have also loved us through the great sacrifice of grief.



   I will be at Faith & Sharing this week from Tuesday until Saturday noon. Bishop John Snyder started Faith & Sharing in our diocese over 31 years ago for those living with mental and physical disabilities and their families. It is an awesome week. I will be co-animating with Sister Maureen Kelley, OP as I have for the past 10 years. The week is inter-denominational, but we do celebrate Eucharist every day. This year, Bishop Snyder will be with us on Friday. By the end of the week, we can’t tell who is “labeled mentally disabled.” God is Good!


Then there are about seven weeks where children are able to go on I Am Special Camps for children to be paired up 24/7 to young adults for each week. Young people rock.



   Please lift us up in prayer. Donations are always welcome for those who can’t afford the week on their own.  You can make donations through the Office of Disabilities in the Diocese of St. Augustine.


Have a blessed week.

God bless our Troops.

Semper Fi!


Love, joy, peace,

Father Ron +



P.S. Tropical Storm Beryl caused some damage at Camp St. John so Faith & Sharing will not start until Wednesday at noon. Please pray for us. The devil works double time when we get closer to God. 

Thanks for following this blog. Breathe in... Breathe out... Peace!

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