Don’t be Afraid…

The Fruit of Silence is Prayer


The fruit of silence is prayer

The fruit of prayer is faith

The fruit of faith is love

The fruit of love is service

The fruit of service is peace!


Beloved, listen for the silence in your life. Listen for the in-between times of your beloved in your family and friends. Listen not only to the song of the cardinal in your back yard, but also listen to the silence between the tweets.


If you really want to have peace in your life, may I suggest that you first start with silence and enter into the best prayer of your life. Savor the time with our Beloved and compassionate God. God will listen to each of us. That is amazing in itself.


But it also opens the door to hearing the Voice of God, and then being a steward of that incredible, delectable voice of love.


You truly are my Beloved Daughter. You are my Beloved Son.


Have a blessed and silent week of prayer, faith, love, service and peace!


Love, joy, peace,

Father Ron Moses +

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