Not Very Still

Not very still

31 August 2004 ~ Prince of Peace Abbey

Not very still, rather restless
Sitting before you
Crossed legs, yoga style
Full of gratitude
You love me Jesus
Just the way I am
Here and now
Through and through
my love
an insignificant
and imperfect puny gift
in return
You are awesome Lord, mighty, meek, humble, gentle, loving, generous, and kind God!

I do love you Beloved
I do trust You
I am afraid of suffering, yet my faith grows
I know you are my source of food, love, energy and peace
Please bless Saint Patrick’s School this the eve of 40 years
Bless them. Love them. Help them to flourish under your generous terms.
Thank You Lord
Teach me to detach more and more
Grant me Wisdom
I love you
Ron Moses +

1 September 2004

O Jesus
I am scared
Help me with this fear
Show me the way
Help me to prepare for your will,
Your love in this world
We have neglected the poor,
Have mercy on us
I am nothing
And yet I am yours,
a child
a crying baby
Lift me up Lord
Lift me up!

1 September 2012 ~ Silver Spring, Maryland ~ 11:45 pm

It was eight years ago that I was packing and repacking my bag to travel to Fallujah, Iraq. It is still like a dream even though I talk obsessively about it. O how I wish I could be more calm, and yet God guides me gently and not so gently.
This week I begin my adventure into advanced studies Pastoral Counseling at Loyola University of Maryland. I am truly excited and quite fearful at the same time. I am not very excited about the technology or the details of getting there. I am not secure in my place to stay. I am floundering… and yet I am rich in friends and love…even from those who have gone on before me.
O how I need to just relax, breathe in… and just relax and trust.
Goodnight Jesus …please be patient with your little ron moses. I love you!

2 September 2012 ~ Psalm 104

You made the moon to mark the months;
the sun knows the time for its setting.
When you spread the darkness at night
and all the beasts of the forest creep forth.
The young lions roar for their prey
and ask their food from God

At the rising of the sun they steal away
and go to rest in their dens’
Human beings go forth to their work,
to labor till evening falls…

…I will sing to the Lord all my life,
make music to my God while I live.
May my thoughts be pleasing to the Beloved
I find joy in the Beloved

Bless the Beloved, o my soul!

In ecstasy I rejoice in my being that was gifted to me by God. However I receive the Cross-not as reluctantly. May I boast of nothing but the Cross of Jesus! I celebrated Eucharist at St. Anthony Shrine in Ellicott City.

I gleaned the following from the WORD AMONG US (3 articles on Blessed John Cardinal Newman by Jerome Kodell, OSB of the Benedictine Abbey of Subiaco) in the September issue:

There are three messages from God spanning the Scriptures,
“I am with you. I love you. Trust me.”
So I am breathing in… and breathing out…

“A true Christian,” Blessed John Newman once wrote, “may almost be defined as one who has a ruling sense of God’s presence within oneself.”

“Never defend yourself if it only yourself you are defending.”

“ God has not created me for naught. I shall do good, I shall do His work, I shall be an angel of peace, a preacher of truth in my own place while not intending it if I just keep His commandments. Therefore I will trust Him. Whatever I am, I can never be thrown away. If I am in sickness, my sickness may serve Him; in perplexity, my perplexity may serve Him. If I am in sorrow, my sorrow may serve Him. He does nothing in vain… He knows what He is about. “

A Prayer of Blessed John Henry Newman:

“Man… is ever changing. Not a day passes but I am nearer the grave. Whatever my age, whatever the number of my years, I am ever narrowing the interval between time and eternity… O my God, I am crumbling away, as I go on! I am already dissolving into my first elements. My soul indeed cannot die, for you have made it immortal; but my bodily frame is continually resolving into that dust out of which it was taken.”

On his tomb epitaph, John Newman had written:

Ex umbris et imaginibus in veritatem
Out of shadows and images into truth!

I pray you have a most wonderful, challenging and awful changing week!

Love, joy, peace,
Father Ron Moses +

With a big smile!

One thought on “Not Very Still

  1. Dear Father, You are traveling again! I love to hear from you. I know I don’t answer often but I have problems with facebook I’d rather read you e-mail. Soi please write when ever you can in my e-mail. I am so sorry I missed you Faith & Sharing but it could not be helped. My son was home and he wasn’t wanting to go to the camp his travels took him to the beach and Mud Ville Bar and restaurant so pray for him he went back Home to Germany a couple weeks ago. My God bless you always. I pray this election will be quite a tragedy if Obama gets elected. With his wanting to support Planned Parent Hood and all the other aweful things. I am so afraid we will have a war here and poverty like we have never had before. I am 83 (will be 9/30) and a little frightened. Assumption says the rosary outside after 10:00 mass every sunday. I say mine daily. Pray for us. Love to you Mary

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