October 1, 2012

Today we hear in the Office of Readings the beginning of the Book of Job.
Job loses everything in this world
except his body and soul
his remembrance and gratitude
for all that has been
and the ability to sing his lament.

Pastoral counseling is the practical of theological anthropology and human development.
My journey is unique.
My journey is riddled with ups and downs
mystery and reality

This morning, this day I realize
I am separated from my home and diocese
I had everything I wanted
but now I am somewhere to the north in a kind of exile
brought on by myself…and maybe even God

But I am not alone.

My intimate friend must journey alone also
The sheep that I love are tortured by wolves both real and imagined
I am struggling and strengthened

What I do know in the depths of my soul…
is that God loves me
and God loves to be with me.
There is no rejection and there is no abandonment by God

In a sense I can taste and sense Job
Job could still praise and love God through it all,
not because of his own magnanimity,
but because God gave him that spirit and soul to do so.
If we are to love God alone, first and foremost,
then we need nothing else.
We need nothing this world could possibly offer.
We really don’t want anything else.
If I love God and those I meet
with all of my heart, soul, mind and strength…
I have no fear…

The fear of God only comes to play
when I fail to love all and be with God
for that hour at least each day
If I am truly present in the presence of God,
in all Wonder and Awe,
Then I am with I AM

o my
ooh and aah!
Inebriate me o Beloved of
The Beloved of
The Beloved.

Have a great week,
Love, joy, peace,
Father Ron Moses +

2 thoughts on “October 1, 2012

  1. Fr. Ron, your words encourage me on my journey! I understand loneliness but know I have a Friend at my side who loves unconditionally! Jesus’s friendship is the greatest gift, available for all. Stay safe and look forward to your blog! Blessings, Judy

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