Storm Surge

Storm Surge

Like emotions of an anxious nation

Storm surges

Fun at first with surf and turf

            a game, a sensation

but then reality makes landfall

            flood of feelings

            I demand it now mentality

Some believe we can push the weather aside

            Very wealthy can leave

until it passes over

missing the delight and smother of winter

At first no problem, but eventually, our bodies like nature

Need cycles of changing seasonal weather patterns

Lows and heights

Anger and love

Stress and calm

Storm surge

Like the tide

Bring food for thought and sometimes more!!!

Let us pause

The Sprit of the Lord is a lantern, searching the hidden places of our inmost being.”


I pray you find this silent time of storm surging to be an opportunity to deepen your love with God!


Love, joy, peace,

Ron Moses +

One thought on “Storm Surge

  1. Thanks father. I needed both. Be safe Do you still live at the beach? Things here are O.K. I really missed Faith and sharing. Haven’t seen My son Mike in about 5 years. so you cannot be every where. At oiur Theresians meeting this month we got to have Fr.David Ruchinski I am not surprised seminarians. 30 he said. He came to assumption as a seminarian. He like you was awesome. Love Mary

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