My brother priest called me yesterday

Asked me to take a walk early this morning

Thank God for falling back an hour

We walked as brothers

Into the paths and wooded areas

Shared and spoke of Godly things

Warmed by each other, friendship and insight

Hugged a tree

At one moment on a bridge across a stream

We stopped and paused

And listened to the silence which was remarkably…

…not silent!

The fruit of silence is prayer

The fruit of prayer is faith

                        faith takes a chance

                        rise above the negativity and inertia

The fruit of prayer is love

                        not love for my own pleasure

                        but love that will kill me

                        destroy me and break my heart

O beloved God

I sit on my balcony three flights up

            Listening to the birds and the cries of the stripped trees

            Somewhat cold

            Even the crow caw is part of the morning mystery

            Woodpeckers of different species

And a young buck deer with crown of horns saunters by

Leaves still falling at a lonely pace

Winter sky impatient about starting

Squirrels frantic in preparations for hibernation

Blue jays bossy

So much unnoticed

Most of my life

And yet, I vaguely remember

my explorations and discoveries as a child

O Beloved God, you have given me wisdom

My brother recognized it in me

So now I dare to ask you…beg you…

            for more…

Please give me…

Wonder and Awe!


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