My Beloved Friend’s Funeral this morning in Arizona

Fr Ron

I wanted to let you know that I lost the love of my life early Sat morning. He went to be with God and I have no doubt of that. It is my selfishness that let’s me mourn. I will miss him so much. I want to thank you for you friendship over the years. We moved to Arizona in June and Doug was able to enjoy his family for the last months of his life. He thought he would have more time but as we know we do not know the hour or the day that the Lord will come. Doug left this world confident that he would see Jesus soon. There is a memorial web site it is Please remember us all in your prayers.



Doug and I use to work out together and play racquetball when I was first ordained a priest.

He helped me survive my time in Guantanamo Bay Cuba back in 1995. He and his wife nursed me back to health when I had a physical breakdown. He later became the administrator of St. Patrick’s and did a phenomenal and loving ministry. Doug was a wonderful confidant. Then, when I returned to GTMO for my last two weeks of active duty in 2005, again he was there. May he enjoy the beauty and love of heaven. I pray his beautiful wife, Karen, feel his assurance and embrace from heaven.

Life is changed...not ended.

Life is changed…not ended.

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